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Quealth Road Test

One day at work, I stumbled across Quealth, a new app on the market which is partnering with some of the larger health focussed organisations in Australia and is backed with research from some of the world’s leading exercise and sports science institutions.


Apps are a huge talking point at the moment, especially in the health sector, and Quealth is making huge waves as it couples an easy to use interface with science.

We wanted to see for ourselves how the app worked and if it really made a difference? We asked Catherine to take Queath for a road test, let’s see how she got on….




Quealth – Road Test


So what is Quealth? Simply put it is an app that provides five clinically validated health assessments which calculates your risk of developing the five leading diseases – Diabetes, Cancer, Cardiovascular disease, Lung disease and Dementia. The app also identifies your top priorities and pulls together a plan with realistic strategies to assist you with achieving your health goals.


I started using the Quealth app before Christmas (I realise this may have been an oversight!) in the hopes that I could reduce my weight, my waist line and in turn, maybe reduce the potential risks of developing one of the five leading diseases mentioned above. Despite the festive season sandwiched in the middle, for the past seven weeks I have increased the amount of exercise that I do, to five times a week, and incorporated healthy, fresh and nutritious foods into my diet. As a result of these changes, I was able to lose a total of 9kgs and I lost 10cm from my waist. Aside from the changes to my body, I also saw changes in my health risk levels.


Due to poor diet and a lack of exercise, the Quealth app listed my risk of diabetes as a medium risk, with a score of 40, this did shock me at first as members of my family had previously been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Needless to say, I was also upset to learn that I was putting my body and health at serious risk. I am pleased to say that after seven weeks of hard work, my risk rating is now at 68.10 and I have moved to a low risk category. I acknowledge that there is still a long way to go to get my score into the 90s, but the Quealth app has provided me with an easy way to track my goals. There were smaller changes to my cancer, cardiovascular disease, lung disease and dementia risks. I had previously been listed as low risk however my goal had been to change the score and increase it with every entry. Thankfully I achieved this small goal and I realise that this will need to be continually monitored to gain the best out of Quealth. I have also referred this app to my husband, my friends and to my immediate family who have or have a high risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.


When first entering my data into Quealth, the app provided some great tips on how to improve my risk rating. As I was not exercising and I was not eating enough fruit or vegetables weekly, it provided me with tips on how to make small improvements to see changes. The Health Plan also helped me with creating goals by selecting five health objectives to get me started. You were able to select objectives relating to lifestyle, biometrics, wellbeing, diet, environment and health risk. Due to my lifestyle and the changes that I wanted to see, I selected a few objectives from lifestyle, wellbeing and diet.


I found the app to be user friendly, there are five health assessments available and after completing one assessment, the others pre-populate. This saved a lot of time as it can be time consuming to re-enter all of the details individually. Another reason why I found it easy to use was the fact that the app provides tutorials which can assist you in navigating the health assessments and setting your goals. I found these useful in the beginning, as it provided me an opportunity to navigate the app before entering my data.


During my seven week trial, I didn’t use this app daily. As I was using it to track my weight and waist size, I logged in weekly to update my details. I found that if I updated it daily, there would only be slight changes compared to higher changes if tracked weekly.


Before I was asked to trial Quealth, I did not know that something like this was available. I also did not believe that I would need to consider my risks of cancer, cardiovascular disease, lung disease and dementia due to my age. I believe that everyone should be aware of this app, specifically those who are at risk of the five leading diseases. Quealth has opened my eyes to the benefits of preventative health and has also indicated that the future of my health is directly in my hands.






What does Quealth say about itself?

The emergence of digital health, the quantified self and personal health management over the past 20 years has revolutionised the ways in which we see ourselves and take care of our health.


Quealth is a digital health improvement programme based around a series of five health risk assessments that calculate your Quealth score – a clinically validated metric that not only defines your risk of developing a given disease but also empowers you to manage your health risk through genuinely innovative and effective health behaviour interventions.

Quealth is a new app but it’s an old hand – one that is based on almost 20 years’ experience and governed by an active, ongoing programme of formal clinical validation in partnership with world-leading academic institutions to ensure that all aspects of Quealth are evidence-based, clinically aligned and optimised – which makes us look good and you feel great!


“Health can be as complex or as simple as you make it. The intricacies of a disease are beyond the understanding of most – but the prevention of a disease is often an opportunity far more within our grasp, if only we choose to take it.” – Paul Nash, Quealth Clinical Lead.


Download Quealth from the Apple store or Google Play

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